Are you thinking about entering a Beauty Pageant but don't know what it takes to make a great first showing? Did you enter a contest but crashed and burned in defeat?

Here 's the Blueprint to Help YOU Enter Your First Pageant with Confidence and Style!

YOU can get your copy of the Pageant Success Blueprint for Free!


Let a profesional pageant coach lay out all the steps necessary to prepare you for your first step onto the pageantry platform...

Dear future pageant contest winner are you asking yourself these questions;

I know that walking onto the stage in front of a Beauty Pageant Audience for the first time is a nerve wracking experience. Where do I start?

Did I make all the right preperations?

What do I need to do to guarantee I have a good chance of winning a title?

How do I pick the right evening gown, swimsuit, hairstyle and makeup?

I don't want to plunge in unprepared and make mistakes in front of a wide eyed audience. How can I avoid any problems and show off my best qualities?

Am I Pageant Material?

If You are Ready to go for YOUR First Pageant Title
then let a Professional Pageant Coach and Director
give You the Blueprint for Pageant Success...

Let a pageant coach who has guided the careers of hundreds of girls in person and online help you save time and money with your first attempt for the crown.

Why take a chance on making beginner mistakes when you can walk onstage totally prepared the first time?

Have confidence in your success because you have your own personal coach to take your hand and guide you through the murky swamp called-the Beauty Pageant Industry. there is someone to Help you...

Shelly Winters name is Shelly Winters Black and I have been involved in the Pageant Industry for over twenty years... 17 of those years as successful Pageant Coach & Director. Just think how much easier it would be if I was standing next to you giving you professional and expert advice as you made each crucial decision. How much less stress would you have knowing you are taking the right steps...

What if I gave you a detailed plan in an ebook with videos to show you what you need to do? And what if I packaged it all together in a way that made your life easier as you focused on what really matters... a Fantastic and Beautiful Experience as a Contestant backstage and on stage in front of an audience.

Guess what- that is exactly what I have done for you with...

"Pageant Success Blueprint"

I've stuffed this electronic Pageant Coaching Course with everything I could possibly think of to help you get a quick start on your first pageant. There is so much stuff in this online course that even experienced pageant contestants can find useful tips and ideas here.

I've broken the E-Course in to many videos and an E-Book with 26 Chapters of Pageant Essentials:

*Creating Your Stunning Image

*The Perfect Hairstyle for YOU

*Learning the Secrets to Proper Make-up application

*Selecting a Winning Wardrobe

*Sizzle in a Swimsuit

*Strutting Your Sportswear

*Selecting Your Talent

*Elegance in an Evening Gown

*Your Winning Interview

*Selecting a Platform

*Preparing Your Opening Statement

*Personality Prevails

*Your Winning Body Language

*Learn the Questions You Must Answer

*Filling out Forms, Applications and Fees

*Selling Ads for Program Books

*What to Expect Backstage at a Competition

*Preshow Activities  Indoctrination and Group Rehearsals

*Dealing with the Director and Staff

*Mock Interviews and Rehearsals

*Finding a Coach and other  Pageant Specialist

Now this is a lot of stuff to help the girls and ladies who really want to experience the runway but are afraid that they are not ready.

I give you all the things I've used to train hundreds of Beauty Pageant Contestants.


There are links in the chapters to 32 videos to further explain the importance of each of these Pageant Winning Techniques.

Now I didn't always know all of this stuff about winning pageants.  I was in six pageants before I finally won a title.
So I was like you, I didn't know the right way to present myself,

I wasn't sure how to master the interview process,

What was the right style of Swimsuit and Evening gown,

Proper Hairstyle, the right Make-up for the stage and the Interview Process,

and oh so many things that I was just ignorant about.

But in time I learned all I needed to win. Some I learned from trial and error, and some I learned from pageant coaches.

Pageant Success Blueprint was developed to make sure YOU learn all the techniques, tricks, secrets, hints and stuff you need to enter a Beauty Pageant Competition and be confident that You have what it takes to Win the Title.

YOU can get your copy of the Pageant Success Blueprint for Free!